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Deep concentration & hard work in the classroom today. Tirza stimulated “self help” to the max. Don’t ask the teacher but find it yourselves on Google, YouTube or Wikipedia yourselves. Help each other. Each of the 9 “students” was helped to identify a subject to focus on with the aim of making money with it in the end.

Daniel wants to become manager and looked up all kind of leadership courses on YouTube. Clive was inspired by a clip of AtomicShrimp making beautifully arty metal boxes from cans and more art from drinking straws. Lorretha wants to learn programming in phyton and was directed to the Codecademy. Randal wants to learn Dutch and improve his English grammar with the help of Mondly. All disassembled a PC, named different components and assembled it again using the help of Google. All also looked at edX.org for a variety of courses.

“The Courageous” are making fantastic progress. The XS4ALL and EyeforOthers teams are very satisfied with the impact we have made so far.

“Die Groot Gat” is a gigantic hole in the ground in downtown Kimberly, 40km northeast of Ritchie. Kimberly was the first diamond “capital” of South Africa. The place where it all started for The Beers. After hours we visited this historic place in the NorthCape to yet better understand the past of the local people.

Tomorrow is already our last (training) day! Unbelievable how fast time flies when you’re trying to do good.


Lorretha is one of “The Courageous”. She had polio when she was a child. For €10.000 she can walk like you and me again! Donate here:”

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