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Belinda and I go for coffee @Elbé. She wished she could read books again. Her paralysis prevents her from holding a book in her hands, or turning a page. Books about faith, raising children and marriage is what she liked to read. “No novels, that is wasting my time.” A voice controlled (language: Afrikaans) e-book is all she would need to get started. Plus a mount for it on her wheelchair. And an internet connection to browse for e-books.

The XS4ALL internet training is a.o. about marketplaces today. Accounts on e.g. ETSY are made, and products and services are offered OnLine for the first time. Great result.

At the end of a hard day’s work, our trainees want to know how they can take up an ICT job after just one week of training by XS4ALL. Expectations are a bit too high we conclude. We explain that “all” we teach them this week is how they can teach themselves, for instance via e-courses, on the internet. So that they can later also teach others again. In the next two days we will give them lots more guidance and exercises to gain more confidence herein.

We are making progress with “The Courageous”, our trainees, to see the internet more as a source of professional education than just entertainment. Internet is Knowledge. Knowledge is Freedom.

There is one more (public) place to use a computer in Ritchie: the library. We heard most of the computers are not working for a long time already. Tirza, Belinda and Paul pay a visit to help while Eric, Lisa and Nick give the training on the other end of the village. “We can not authorize you to fix our computers” we are told. Three phone calls are made to ever higher management as we are not giving up this easily in our attempt to help. Finally, an order is given to an internal IT service department to fix these PC’s in Ritchie tomorrow. We achieved our goal. But will check later if they show up tomorrow and can fix the problem indeed. Just to be sure .


Lorretha is one of “The Courageous”. She had polio when she was a child. For €10.000 she can walk like you and me again! Donate here:”

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