Four students in South Africa. Part 2

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Hello everyone. Here’s a brief update of our stay in South Africa. We have been in Kimberley for three weeks now. These first three weeks were hectic and full of unexpected moments. We arrived at the house where we stay for the next three months. 17 women with mental disabilities appeared to live here. This was a very pleasant surprise for us. These women find it amazing to have Dutch people in the house and they appreciate it when we give them a “hug” in the morning. This is a ‘drukkie’ in the African language.

The first week we visited our internship places, Jannie Brink and Elisabeth Conradi. Jannie Brink is a school that teaches children with mental or multiple disabilities and in Elisabeth Conradi there are mainly children with physical disabilities. This was a very nice experience. In addition, we also got to know the typical African culture. There was a vacation scheduled, it lasted two weeks. As a result, we could not run our program because there were no children at the school. Meanwhile we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Kimberley. A visit to the big hole cannot be missed. The highlight was a helicopter flight above Voorspoed’s farm. We have been at Voorspoed for our first two weeks’ vacation.

Next Monday, we will really start with our work. At the Jannie Brink school we will start with agitation. We noticed the first week that the lessons are being minimized. This is especially due to the lack of expertise within the team of teachers. In the first few weeks we will take these lessons and prepare a workshop in which we will instruct the teachers to continue these lessons when we return to the Netherlands.

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