Day1: Meerkats spotted …

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July 22nd 2017 Emilie

After the safe arrival in South Africa and the long drive from Johannesburg to our place, we were surprised by the setting of our stay. Which seemed to be in the middle of a game park. Once here we ate something and then enjoyed the beautiful sunrise. Until then we had not been able to see much of the area, because we arrived at half past six in the morning. After the sunrise, we slept until noon.

After lunch, as real rangers we made a walk through the area and spotted several animals. Including a real Timon (meerkat) and a Pumba (Warthog)! Besides the animals, we also found that we have a real Hipster in our company, who proudly wore his tail like a real meerkat.

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3 Reacties op “Day1: Meerkats spotted …

  1. Nou…al veel gezien de eerste dag, geweldig dat jullie ons zo op de hoogte houden.😊

  2. Wat een geweldige foto’s
    Wij hebben er enorm van genoten.
    Dat jullie het mee mogen maken.
    Wij pinken nu een traantje weg

  3. Lieve meiden

    Wat geweldig zo,n eind weg en dan zie je je kleindochters kaarten temidden van allerlei dieren. Geniet ervan en ik kijk weer uit naar de volgende foto,s en reacties. Knuffels van oma

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